Maldem Investigations - Private Investigations agency in Ottawa



Tort Actions, Insurance Claims, Family Law, Matrimonial and Custody Cases, Criminal Defence, Contract Disputes, and other litigation matters can be very complex and require large volumes of information to be gathered, processed, and analyzed.

Attorneys and their assistants don’t always have the luxury of time or the necessary resources to locate witnesses, take statements, gather additional information, conduct research, and identify new leads, the lack of which could be detrimental to a successful outcome of a case.

Private Investigators who are knowledgeable in research techniques and evidence procedures, and who possess the investigative skills required to find information quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, legally (thus making it admissible in court) can be great resources for attorneys who want to make their cases stronger and increase chances of success in the courtroom.

At Maldem Investigations we help lawyers solve problems, find information, and win cases by facilitating several tasks that are beneficial to them and their clients.

We can help attorneys:

  • Review files for inconsistencies
  • Conduct verifications on witnesses
  • Corroborate evidence and statements
  • Discover new leads and evidence
  • Locate and interview witnesses

Which allows them to:

  • Save valuable time and concentrate on the big picture
  • Gather information efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Improve the quality and the strength of their cases
  • Obtain reliable and admissible evidence
  • Increase their client satisfaction by offering additional options

Based on their professional backgrounds in police agencies, financial institutions, and corporations, our investigators can provide assistance in a variety of cases, including major criminal, financial, civil, and corporate matters. This experience is complemented by an established network of trusted professionals who can provide additional support and expertise in several other fields, should the situation call for technical experts or other advisors.