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What is a corporate investigation?

An investigation of the workplace environment can consist of investigating employees, management, internal protocols and processes, business partners, suppliers, and other factors that can influence and disrupt company operations.

Corporate investigations cover a great range of situations that often include (but not limited to) the following cases:

  • Fraud (internal and external)
  • Theft (internal and external)
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Breach of contract
  • Policy violations
  • Due Diligence

Why conduct an investigation in the workplace?

When faced with a problem in a workplace, be it troublesome employees, unexplained losses, unreliable or questionable partners, or other threats that can cause significant financial and reputational damages to a company; having the ability to correctly identify the source of the issue and rapidly make the right decision is critical for business’ survival.

A properly conducted investigation, followed by a detailed review and analysis of internal and external factors can save companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars and help the decision-makers make the right calls for their companies.

Why use a Private investigator for corporate investigations?

Professional investigators have the required expertise to collect, analyze, and present the information needed by the client. Most importantly, trained and licenced Private Investigators are aware of rules and regulations that govern the investigative field, and thus, they will be able to gather information and evidence in a legal manner that will be accepted by the courts, should the situation move to a litigation stage.

What methods are used by Private Investigators to conduct corporate investigations?

Experienced Private Investigators will have the knowledge and expertise to offer businesses and corporations numerous options regarding the most efficient ways of obtaining results while taking into consideration the specific circumstances, needs, and budget of the client.

Based on the client’s requirements and available resources, Private Investigators will propose a tailored investigative action plan to get results in the most cost-effective manner.

Numerous methods can be applied during an investigation that include (but not limited to):

  • Going undercover
  • Conducting a financial review
  • Setting up technical surveillance
  • Conducting physical surveillance
  • Doing online research
  • Conducting interviews
  • Doing countermeasures sweeps

How much does it cost to hire a Private Investigator?

Prices for Private Investigators vary and are based on their experience, specialty, and skill level. As with any profession, specialists will charge higher rates that will reflect their expertise and the value they add to the case. Generally, the hourly rates will range from $65 to $150, excluding expenses and mileage, however, some investigators will offer a flat fee on certain types of cases.

Why corporate investigations are a worthy investment?

An investigation in the workplace can be time-consuming and costly but, in the long run, those costs can be offset if they prevent or limit the damages from lawsuits, thefts, and fraud. In addition, dealing with litigation is expensive, so is dealing with constant losses due to unreliable employees, not getting enough customers, or even losing clients due to unreliable suppliers or bad company reputation.

All those negative impacts can be minimized or avoided altogether if the source of the problem is identified early on and the right decisions are made in a timely manner to solve the issue properly and efficiently.

Why Maldem Investigations?

In today’s business environment, companies face numerous threats from a variety of sources. To remain competitive, limit exposure to risks, and prevent losses, businesses and corporations need solid answers and reliable information to help them get an edge over the competition, identify problems and find appropriate solutions. Corporate investigations remain the most efficient and effective tools to achieve those goals.

With several years of investigative experience in the corporate environment, dealing with employee files, internal theft, fraud, intelligence gathering, and risk assessments, Maldem Investigation can help business owners and directors find solutions to the challenges that their companies face and help them make informed decisions that will benefit their businesses.