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Theft, embezzlement, fraud, sanctions, delays, money laundering, breach of contracts, copyright infringements, industrial espionage, non-compliance, bad press, and corruption, are only a few of many events that could cause devastating financial and reputational damages to businesses of all sizes.

For this reason, the ability to correctly identify the source of a problem and rapidly make the right decision is critical for business’ survival. A properly conducted investigation, followed by a detailed review and analysis of internal and external factors, business partners, and employees can save companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars and help them grow by:

  • Protecting assets and intellectual property from theft and unauthorized distribution.
  • Boosting productivity by eliminating weaknesses and vulnerabilities in their environment.
  • Attracting new clients who will appreciate doing business with a reputable partner.
  • Reducing risks of litigation that result from bad employees and unsafe workplaces.
  • Identifying sources of problems and implementing appropriate countermeasures.
  • Increasing public confidence in their business by identifying and minimizing risks.
  • Knowing who their partners, their employees, and their competition really are.
  • Preventing losses that result from theft, fraud, and other criminal acts.
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and sanctions in place.

Maldem Investigations can help business owners protect their livelihoods, find answers, facilitate decision making, and identify efficient and cost-effective solutions by offering the following investigative services:

  • Breach of contract investigations to ensure non-compete clauses and other contract obligations.
  • Character and reputational investigations to help pick the right partners and employees.
  • Integrity services to help business owners identify and understand internal problems.
  • WSIB and insurance benefits investigations to limit losses from unjustified payments.
  • Counter-Intelligence investigations to protect against losses of sensitive information.
  • Competitive Intelligence gathering to obtain information on the competition.
  • Theft and fraud investigations to stop losses and recover assets.

In today’s business environment, companies face numerous threats from a variety of sources. To remain competitive, limit exposure to risks, and prevent losses, business owners need information that can help them get an edge over the competition, identify problems, and find appropriate solutions.

Private Investigators with experience in corporate and criminal investigations, research, Intelligence gathering, and analysis are well-positioned to provide the necessary guidance and support to business owners and help them find the answers they need in order to make the right decisions for their companies.