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Whether it is an estranged elderly family member, a troubled youth, or a former partner who has custody of the children, Private Investigators are often hired by the relatives of those individuals to check up on them and confirm their:

  • Health status
  • General lifestyle
  • Employment status
  • Living conditions
  • Activities
  • Relationship status
  • Child care suitability

Based on the client’s request, a Private Investigator can locate the person and either meet with them directly or conduct the checks discreetly in order not to alarm the individual. Through surveillance, research, and interviews, an investigator can obtain information and gather photographic and video evidence that will provide answers for the concerned family.


When an elderly relative lives by themselves in a different city and an in-person visit to check up on them is difficult, or if a family had lost track and contact with a relative; they may hire a Private Investigator to locate them and confirm that they are alive and well.

Through a variety of techniques and database searches, an investigator can find the person and arrange a meeting with them in order to assess their situation. The checks can also be done from a distance if the family does not want to disturb the person and just want to know about their lifestyle and living conditions.

CASE STUDY: A concerned family member hired Maldem Investigations to locate and check up on their cousin who wasn’t heard from for over two years. The family suspected that due to drug addiction, the cousin was homeless and they wanted to get in touch with him and offer their support if that turned out to be the case.

Database searches with the name and the last known address for the individual did not reveal any useful leads, however, after the investigator canvassed the city’s homeless shelters and nearby areas, and interviewed several individuals he was able to track down the right person.

The investigator met with the cousin and confirmed their health status and their living conditions. With their permission, this information was transmitted to the concerned family member who offered to help their cousin in this difficult situation.


In a child custody dispute, parents may decide to hire a Private Investigator in order to prove that one party is less, or not at all, suitable to take care of the child. An investigation into the lifestyle, activities, employment, and the general treatment of the child can provide evidence that will help the court make a fair ruling in the best interests of the child.

A properly conducted investigation will ensure that a decision will be based on unbiased facts and admissible evidence rather than unsupported accusations parents often make in the course of a custody battle.

During a child custody investigation, a Private Investigator may conduct wellness and activities checks and gather evidence through research, interviews with neighbors, and surveillance in order to observe whether one of the parents:

  • Demonstrates violent or aggressive behavior toward the child
  • Is involved in illegal activities or activities that may endanger the child
  • Abuses illegal substances or alcohol
  • Provides inadequate care for the child
  • Is unable to provide a safe and stable environment for the child

Similar to character investigations, wellness, and activity checks can provide a good overview of the environment in which the child is placed. Such investigation will make it easier for the decision-makers to determine whether or not a particular environment and lifestyle are suitable for, and are in the best interest of the child.

CASE STUDY: A parent brought up concerns regarding the fact that on several occasions during their time with the child, their former spouse would not put their daughter on the phone or was finding excuses as to why she couldn’t talk right now. The parent suspected that the reason the daughter was unavailable for contact was that the other parent was not with the child who, most likely, was left at home alone; which would not only violate the terms of the custody agreement but could also be potentially dangerous for a young child.

Maldem Investigations conducted surveillance on the days when the other parent had custody of the child and was able to obtain video footage demonstrating that, on at least three separate occasions, the child was left at home without any adult presence while the parent went to a bar for a couple of hours.

An emergency custody hearing was scheduled and after the video footage was presented as evidence of dangerous behavior, the custody arrangement was amended, heavily in favor of the parent who brought up the initial concerns.


Parents are often concerned that their teens may be heading down the wrong path. At an uncertain time of their lives, teenagers may struggle with their identities and freedoms that are presented to them. All those overwhelming options and possibilities may cause them to behave in extreme manners, run away from home, experiment with drugs and alcohol, commit acts of rebellion against authority, commit criminal acts, join questionable groups, or engage in activities that may put their health and lives (and those of people close to them) in danger.

A Private Investigator can assist concerned parents by conducting discreet surveillance to gain insights into the lifestyle, associates, and activities of their child. The purpose of such investigation is prevention and risk management; with the gathered information to be used as a tool in determining the next appropriate steps to keep the child safe, protect their future, and the future of their relationship with the parents.

At this particular age, teenagers want to assert their independence; hence, it is of crucial importance that any steps taken by the parents or the investigator are done discretely as not to infringe on the child’s newly discovered freedoms and make them rebel even more against the parental authority.

Parents should not wait to find out the facts until it’s too late. By getting information and confirmation of dangerous behavior early, preventive steps can be taken before little problems become big trouble with significant life consequences for the child.