Maldem Investigations - Private Investigations agency in Ottawa



Private Investigators are often hired to solve problems, gather evidence, and locate people or assets. Private Investigators help their clients save valuable time in searching for answers and save them money by doing it right the first time efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to obtaining the desired information, they gather evidence in a legal and admissible manner which improves the quality and the strength of a court case and facilitates the decision-making process.

Can you just do it yourself? 

There are several free and paid inquiries that any individual can do within the comfort of their home to obtain certain types of information; however, a good Private Investigator with a solid understanding of the process will get the same information quicker and often for a fraction of the cost as he will not waste time on unnecessary searches.

Research is an important step in any investigation, but it is rarely the only part of the whole process. Fieldwork such as locating and interviewing witnesses or conducting surveillance is often needed to gather the necessary evidence. Those methods require special equipment and most importantly knowledge and experience if they are to be conducted legally and efficiently, and thus they are better left in the hands of the experts.

Private Investigators are trained and licensed so they can operate within the limits of the law. Without knowledge and understanding of the rules, untrained individuals can easily cross a line that will land them in all sorts of legal trouble, including possible criminal charges. Additionally, any evidence obtained illegally will be rejected by the courts and will taint the reputation and the credibility of the party that presented such evidence, thus hindering the efforts of a favorable outcome in a litigation matter.

What about the costs?

While hiring a Private Investigator can seem like a costly ordeal, those costs can and most likely will be greatly offset in the long run, especially if a successful investigation can demonstrate that the amount of alimony (for example) to be paid to a former spouse should be greatly reduced due to a change in their situation. If the same payments would have continued to be made to a party that did not disclose those changes, the sum of unjustified payments (over several months or even years) would certainly be much greater than the cost of conducting an investigation.